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WINSIGHTS: Ted Lasso Fans Like Futbol and Football

Count NFL superstar JJ Watt as a fan of acclaimed Apple TV Plus series Ted Lasso.

Watt arrived at Sunday's Phoenix Cardinals - Minnesota Vikings game wearing an A.F.C. Richmond shirt.

Now that's good timing. Later Sunday the fictional Premier League team and its Ted Lasso cast won the last of its remarkable seven Emmy awards.

Social media celebrated the unexpected Watt NFL/Hollywood pop culture moment. Posts by both the Cardinals and Watt seemed to bring out the best in Ted Lasso fans everywhere. Which made us wonder...which U.S. sports league fan base really is most aligned with Ted Lasso?

We turned to Zoomph to analyze the social following of @TedLasso and @AFCRichmond. The results: a virtual tie among fans of the NBA, NFL and MLS. More below.

So if football (and futbol) is life, apparently so is basketball.

Let's wait for the social media meltdown if/when global soccer icon and MLS Inter Miami owner David Beckham wears and shares A.F.C. Richmond gear 😉!

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