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WINSIGHTS: All Hail Richard Branson?

Well, Richard Branson has done it again.

On Sunday his Virgin Galactic showed space travel can be accessible to mere mortals.

Yet a few prominent voices were critical.

He was merely a passenger in a plane that was airborne for a few minutes, some said. It was a technological feat already accomplished back in 1961, others cracked.

I was stunned. Could Branson be that polarizing?

Win-Win Partnerships data partner Zoomph took a deep dive into Branson's weekend Twitter sentiment. Zoomph analyzed all mentions of Richard Branson as well as his handle @RichardBranson. More than 6700 posts in all.

Sure enough, very few -- only 8% -- were negative.

It was an important reminder for all of us invested in influencer marketing: never assume a few loud voices represent the majority.


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